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Based in Deptford, South London, Aya’ba is here to support our community through education, advocacy and in supporting mental health. It is our aim to inspire hope and positive change.

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Aya'ba Podcast
Aya'ba Podcast
Deconstructing UK's Rwanda Deportation Scheme

What We Do

Aya’ba is a community interest company centered around providing safe spaces for people to come together in love and understanding, questioning issues and challenging systems that disadvantage and repress.

What's going on and how it's affecting our community.


Protesters outside the High Court in London for the ruling on Rwanda deportation flights. Charities and campaigners supporting migrants are appealing against a High Court ruling on Friday which paved the way for the first deportation flight to take place on Tuesday. Picture date: Monday June 13, 2022.

Deconstructing UK’s Rwanda Deportation Scheme

Since the Brexit Referendum of 2016, the Conservative Government have been appeasing their political base with continued anti-immigrant rhetoric and a hostile immigration policy recognised

Meet The Team


I'm an Afrofuturist who's passionate about understanding the intersections of space and cyberspace, music and anime.
Through Aya'ba, my goal is to help raise class consciousness by educating the masses on the true nature of structural inequality under Capitalism, and how we can meaningfully fight against it.


I'm a politics graduate who's dedicated to helping the people understand the root causes of mental health issues in society.
I'm also very passionate about all things fashion, music and anime (particularly One Piece).


Aya'ba is my beautiful brain child founded before the Pandemic, but evolving into a community resource that educates, uplifts and provides opportunities to the marginalised and vulnerable. Adding value is a core belief of mine and I'm proud of the value Aya'ba has added to our rich and diverse neighborhood. When I'm not breathing and thinking Aya'ba, I love comedies and enjoying the lighter side of life, especially sharing those moments with my children - my greatest accomplishment and my loudest supporters.


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